About the E&S Group

The Economics & Science Group speaks the truth on the decisions needed to achieve global resource security. We are a group of world-leading economists and scientists who understand that decision-makers need up-to-date, robust and accessible evidence and information to make the tough decisions. We are not a consultancy nor a company, but a not-for-profit group of dedicated researchers and professionals who bring their expertise and knowledge to solving real-world problems.

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Public Launch of the E&S Group
on 6 February 2017

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Our People

The Fellows of the Economics & Science Group are leaders in the engagement of science and economics with public policy


Our policy briefings provide insights into the solutions to the systemic risks that undermine livelihoods and resource security

Photo of policy maker meeting

Policy Narratives

Our policy narratives show how we have engaged with policy-makers to transform evidence into better decisions and, ultimately, solutions